June 19, 2008 – Thursday

Well, today is our second to last day. Well full day. I guess it’s service day, so we’re doing service projects and stuff. I’m hoping that I have a painting job or something, but really I’d rather be chillin in the dorms or something. That sounds mean but whatever. It’s the full on truth. I’m really excited for later today. It’s water day and they made 5,000 water balloons! Ahh! I wonder if that’s even enough. I’m so excited! And at 3:30 today (during free time) we have talent show rehearsal! Yeah, I’m nervous excited about it. I think it’s awesome to have a teenager bible camp. It’s basically a sanctuary. I can’t think of anywhere else where I feel so safe and secure besides in my home or with my mom. I love it here! I’m coming back next year even if I have to set up my own spaghetti dinner or fund raiser. I’m extremely moved by this place. I really, truly love it here. No matter where I am, whether it’s in the dorms, park, pond, cafeteria, canteen, or even in the middle of the street, I can always feel the presence of God. It’s awesome.

OMGOSH. Water day was SOOOO fun! The first thing we did was build boats out of cardboard and duct tape them and then relay across the pondy lake thing. It was ok… a little tiring and stuff. But after that we all went to the field and threw water balloons, and basically nailed each other with water bombs constantly. It was fun! Except for when the sling shot thing shot a huge water balloon at me and it hit my leg! Lol. It left a HUGE welt, but eh. I’ll live! They also set up this huge huge HUGE slip and slide and covered it with dish soap and it went downhill, so you can imagine how fast I went after slathering myself with soap! It was so much funnnn! THEN, after that, Me, Mariah, Bailey, and Ashley went to the pond. Casey, Jerrick, and D were there. But yeah we were all swimming. Some people have some major abs…………….. Its hot. Trust me. I really doubt he likes me though. I mean, who would? Nobody that hot anyway. All the boys who like me are just bored little kids who are in the mood to spice up their boring lives.

June 18, 2008 – Wednesday

Hokay. So there’s this super uber awesomely hot guy. His name is D. I don’t really know why it’s D. His real name is [scribbled out] or however you spell it. I’m sure that’s not how you spell it. But whatever. It seems like he likes me because I always catch him staring at me and stuff like that.

June 17, 2008 – Tuesday

Well, it’s the second day of camp, but the first full day. We have had super powerful sermons so far, and I’ve really enjoyed them. Yeah. So there’s this kid who’s basically obsessed with me here and he keeps telling people that I complete him… eh.. Kinda creepy. Oh well, I’m not going to be mean to him because of how crushing it would be! That would be heartbreaking. And really, who ISN’T obsessed with me? Uh… everyone. But yeah, I’m really liking it here. I’m in the dorm alone and it’s actually really nice except for the senior girls stomping around all the time.

Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch!! My nose hurts SO bad. I got nailed square on the face with a soccer ball. My face was gushing out blood all over everything. It was so gross, and it was in front of this really super hot guy, D. I had to sit out of the game. It was ok then, but that’s because I couldn’t feel my whole entire face. Now my face feels like its been punched by 27 really buff bodybuilders.

Anyways, I’m in service now. We’re talking about keeping dreams more important than memories. “If your memories are bigger than your dreams, you’ve already begun to die”. That’s some powerful stuff right there. Doctors are stupid. They don’t pay attention to what god says. “You can’t have a child,” the doctor said, but the faith prophet said, “you will bear a child, and he will be a preacher”. And that’s Pastor Randy! “God is better to me than I deserve”. God gave Solomon whatever he wanted, because he offered 1,000 burning sacrifices. Sweetness! God does nothing on Earth except in answer to prayer, but sometimes he starts the prayers. I really like this!

June 16, 2008 – Monday

Today was our first day of camp. I met lots of new people! I met Jess, who is really super nice. I think we’ll be friends. Me and Merit picked the Ruth room, but we were moved to Deuteronomy so we could be closer to everyone. The two girls are Nicole and Laura, and I thought they would be mean but they are actually really nice! Well, it’s lights out so I will write later. Lol! Our counselor is Beth, and she seems really cool. G2G!

May 27, 2008

Whoa. It’s been a while.

Yeah, so lots has happened. Aaron danced with me at Portman which was… eh, ok I guess considering I really like Alex! We’ve been hanging out a lot after school. Yeah so he had this gf named Isabella who I thought was my friend. I was wrong! And they broke up for some reason and then he asked me out right? Well this Isabelle girl goes absolutely nuts! She passionately hates me for some unknown reason. She called me ugly and said she wanted to fight. Yeah. Wow.

School is almost over. I was so excited to start but now I’m ready for a break. I love summer. Oh yeah, today we went to JA Biztown! Each kid has their own job and like, it was really exciting. I have pix on the digi. OMG I’m foster homing two baby chicks!! They are so cute. We’re picking them up sometime this week, so that’s exciting.

Rosie out.

March 30, 2008

Well, me and Henry decided the long distance just wouldn’t work, so we’re just friends, but it’s for the best. I’m in Suessical, and I LOVE it! My costume is repulsive, but everything is starting to go together. It’s looking like a show! My best friend is Madi right now. Trey called me a bitch in an unnecessary situation and I’m having trouble letting go. I’m on my way to church. My big brother is coming with me and I’m pretty excited about it. I don’t get to see him very often.  

February 26, 2008

Well, after lots of work, Henry is MINE! I think I handled the situation quite maturely to be honest. Sure, I was depressed and totally emo-ish, but still. I feel weird about the whole thing. I fell for him for who he was, but he acts so different around me now. He acts… like a boyfriend. And I’m not sure if I like it! Is that a bad thing? Huh. So confused, again. It’s 9:35 and my new bedtime is 9:00 so I will write about conferences tomorrow.

January 10, 2008

I feel emo and it sucks butt. Idk why, prolly because of all the stress I’ve been under lately. Idk wtf I’m gonna do about this because I certainly can’t follow through with the other thing. I would be more specific but I think Henry keeps peeking. GET YOUR FACE OUT OF MY BUSINESS Henry! I KNOW YOU’RE READING THIS! It’s not helping my emo feelings at all. It’s a battle between emotions and logic. WTF I would die if anybody read this. It’s the only private way I can drain my emotions. And honestly, if I had no way to vent my emotions, I would be so F-ing depressed. Like, all the time. I swear Henry is on weed right now, or like, crack. Gosh, he is bouncing off the effing walls.

Well, I told him. His reaction was… good. He told me that he liked me too but that he can’t “break Jess’ heart”. Last night he told me I looked beautiful and I f-ing melted. I’m really glad that my mom understands. She says that just because I’m not an adult, it doesn’t make my feelings any less real. I know both of his parents now. They are both very sweet. His mom is so nice! I met her for the first time last week, and she treated me like I was part of the family. His dad is also very nice. I hopped in the car and said “gosh are you cute!” He is so sweet! His dog Gordy is also a sweetheart.