October 16, 2007

Oh my fricken gosh! I’m such a [sic] retard! Guess what I did? Buckle up, cuz it’s a wild ride… First of all, I was really fricken pissed about the whole bomb threat crap, and in gym class, Geran and Levi were being fat jerks like always, they were calling me a stupid retard all period and I kinda lost control… I said “will someone please shoot them?” Then I popped a hand over my mouth and started bawling. Way to keep my cool… BLEH. *rips out hair in exasperation*

Yeah! I wasn’t expelled! It seems to soften them when I’m crying. I wasn’t even faking! I was truly upset. Geez… I’m really confused. Why does Brent not like me? Stupid Nathaniel had to go and tell him and ruined everything! There was a reason I didn’t tell him myself. I just wanted to be friends. Now I can’t even make eye contact with him without nausea. Marney didn’t help much either.

Marney: Hey, Rosie.

Rosie: Hi Marney!

Marney: So… I heard a rumor.

Rosie: *has a stupid look on face*

Marney: I heard a rumor that you have a crush on my boy


Rosie: *smiles a big twisted up smile*

Marney to this lady: Look how red she is!

Rosie: *starts walking swiftly out of the lunch room*


This is so crappy. I didn’t think anything like this would happen at Ordean… Oh well. I will get my time no matter what it takes. Besides, all is fair in love and war! lol! :p

no date, 2007

Today was the second day of family camp. I rode with Riley and his parents because the Larreas said that they couldn’t take care of one more child, and they said I couldn’t go with them. So then my mom called Darcey, and Darcey said she would bring me! Yay! Rock on Darcey. I stayed over at their house that night. It was cool. I slept in Riley’s room and we watched Grease. He has a corn snake named Mushu, and a really cute fat hamster named Princess Puddles, and is starting this huge saltwater tank! How cool is that? And he has the cutest dog named Buddy. The next day we left for camp. It took us about six and a half hours to get there but that’s ok because we had a lot of fun. We brought the laptop, because it had a version of satellite internet. It was about a 6 hour car ride, so it was kinda… car-ish. But it was really fun with Riley. Then we got there and saw the family. Since the week was long, I’m only gonna list the highlights. I really enjoyed morning chapel… which is weird. Evening chapel was cool too! On the way, Riley bet his mom $100 that he could go every single day. So I woke him up every day and reminded him every night, but it was sorta fun though :p

July 27, 2007

Today is my big sister’s birthday! I wish I could be there with her. OMG! She’s pregnant! I’m so excited to be an aunt. Yay! For the past couple of weeks, my girl cousins (Rachel, Grace, Alison) stayed at my house (for three days anyways [?]).  It was super fun!! We pitched a huge tent, and went to all sorts of cool shops and saw some pretty sweet sights. After that we went to Roseville and stayed at Grace’s for three nights. Then me and my mother and the girls went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. We ate there and met the Larreas (except Josh). We had grilled food and strawberry shortcake for dessert! So we stayed there for about three hours. We all had so much fun. Then I went back to Grandma Dorothy’s. We stayed over, and in the morning we went to St. Paul and ate White Castle. We ordered 70 burgers. Yeah. I had 4. Most had more. We ate at the park and met Joshua. He looks A LOT different!!! Then we all went to this absolutely amazing cathedral. It had the most amazing artwork. I felt so cool. Yup… that night I felt pretty left out because I had no one to play with except my diary and iPod… Yeah.

Rosie out.

July 11, 2007

Today I went to Inga’s camper, trailer… thingy. We had so much fun! When we got there, it was raining, but when it stopped, we saw Inga’s chipmunk Jessie! So, we went outside to feed her. We held out our hands, and she came up and ate out of them! She even let us pet her! 15 minutes after, 2 other chipmunks came! They were really mean to Jessie, and one bit me, so we named him Chomp. The other Nibble. They stuck around for about an hour then got bored and went away. Then I found Clara!! She’s another baby, like Jessie, and she seemed to like me. I love Clara! She doesn’t get along with Jessie, but they’re just soooo cute! Then there was this giant storm. We even lost a tree. It only lasted a little while though. After we went out and played with chipmunks. Duh. The next day I didn’t stay very long. It was gross outside, so we left early. It was fun.

Rosalie out.

no date, 2007

Wow! What a long week! Sorry I didn’t write for so long. I’ll just write a little bit about the past week… At Chippewa Falls, I went to tennis lessons with Alison and made friends with a girl named Anna. Anna was a foreign exchange student from Spain (or “espana”). Then we set up the camper and we slept in it for two days. I went baby sitting with Alison quite a bit, and I also caught a chipmunk in a have-a-heart trap! Those are the main highlights… I can’t remember or write down all the things we did!

Also I went to Ellen’s. She got two goats! They are sooo cute! (Amory and Otis)

June 20, 2007

Today was a fog… It was the second to last day. I can’t really remember much about the morning, except that I got swimmer’s itch. Blah blah, the day went on… back to evening service. Today was the first day I saw Teresa unhappy. They were talking about God calling us, like telling someone to be a missionary or something. Well I got mine, and Teresa got hers. I saw her talking to Pastor Kevin and she was a little shaky. After that I was looking for her, and found her lying on the floor, crying. I guess she was really confused. She got a calling. God told her to be a children’s pastor. No one can no about mine because you’ll have to find out for yourself. I’m so tired.

Rosie out.

June 19, 2007

Today has been a long day. This morning, I woke up last, and was very slow… then I took a shower and felt all better… then we went to breakfast, and right after that we had morning rally! That’s always fun. Then, we had bible adventure. We accidentally went to the same classroom as yesterday, so we got the same lesson. Oh well… we still had fun! Then we went swimming. Then we ate, then we went paddle boating! It was so much fun. Then we went rock climbing. I was first to get all the way up the wall. Then, we went swimming again. Only this time I got swimmer’s itch 😦 then we had JBQ, then we finished our race car that we made. It’s called the Flaming Angel! Finally, we had the water fight! I was rolling in a water barrel, and having fun until this counselor came up to it, glared at me, kicked it, shook it, then tipped it and dumped me out like yesterday’s trash! That was a load of crap! From then on, I felt like I was gonna puke, so when the others went to chapel, I stayed in the dorm. Then Jesus told me to go anyway. So I walked alone, with a tear-stained face, and cramps… when I got there, they were just announcing “big dan” (he’s kind of a [sic] midget). He brought out Russel the Rabbit first. Then he got Benny out, and he told us about respect. Then he started to tell us about Sampson. He wanted two people, a boy for Sampson, and a girl for Delilah. He walked around and chose a few people and I was one of those people! When he went back to the front, he gestured for me! He told me I would be Delilah, and then he picked a Sampson (who was shorter than me). Apparently I was really good because four boys said “He likes you! He likes you!” pointing to their friends. Then I had one boy ask me out… weird… anyways, that night I was speaking a heavenly language I had never spoken before… It was awesome.

Rosie out.