September 12, 2013

I remember the day that we walked forever… There are photos of us between the massive western trees, and the green vines on the stairs, and of our shoes sinking into the always soft pacific soil. My favorite one is the one his mother took when we weren’t looking. All those moments, they looked so different while they played out.

I remember we were both so tired. He was in between auditions, and we were weary from the plane, both between sickness that progressively got worse. Little did I know I would take mononucleosis home from that sleepy state. The two of us wandered alone in a place that I did not know, I trusted my indifference to give me some appreciation for the little things as well as the person beside me.

I have never known such beauty. In surroundings, and in scents and feelings, it put the fear of god into me, walking down the sidewalk when no one looks at you…

We walked through the city. The streets reflected headlights back at me, the light was bent and smeared across the pavement by famous February rain.

We held hands, but we didn’t say anything. There was too much to say. Always too much on our minds and too much in our hearts, we communicated better through silence. It was too delicate otherwise. The bottoms of our jeans were wet, and it was getting dark, and the city was cold, our feet were cold, and our together-hands were cold, but we couldn’t care about the temperature of anything.

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