August 29, 2012

To swim in the lake alone… never alone. To swim in the lake where you grew up, to swim naked in your home with your very best friends. Your soul-mated women with blonde, brown hair that falls to soft shoulders, eyes of green, eyes of blue. The moonlight wraps around you, wraps you up in her moon arms, kisses you with her lips. I can feel her eyelashes along the sand, I can feel her light in the waves. The waves. I remember them with my eyes closed. I remember it all. I accept because I can now.

I want to put together my smashed UV bottle and fill it up with moonlight. It won’t ever be empty and I can drink it whenever. It never gives me the spins. All that’s left is peacefulness. All that’s left is growing, growing, gone. I understand now. Maybe this time I really do understand something.

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