August 27, 2012

It’s time for a new chapter in my life, this past year has been rough, the roughest yet. However, I can feel that maybe my life will turn itself around. It’s the tail end of summer, it’s still warm and everything has a golden glow that’s different than hot July. It’s as if the largest star in our solar system knows what’s going on down here on Earth and prepares to shift golden with the leaves.

I’m glad for a new start. I feel like many things in my life are beginning. Maybe the sun is rising this time, instead of setting. I haven’t woken up in so long. I hope this optimism doesn’t fade, although I know it will at times. I’m entering my second to last year of school, damn near close to the bonafide end of my childhood. It’s such a strange feeling, letting go of everything for something that everyone seems to hate [adulthood]. I wish I had the choice to stay. I hope that I spend more of my life outside. I don’t like the indoors, it doesn’t seem human enough. I want to be happier so badly. I want a dog and a cat. I want a family and I want to go to college far away. I want money. There are so many things. I want most to be at peace. I am on my way.

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