November 21, 2011

Wow all I want to do is eat, sleep, and draw well. All three are so difficult to achieve. I procrastinated for a grand four hours today, and I still don’t plan on doing APUSH anytime soon.

Here are some of the things I want to do:

  • write well
  • sing alone
  • draw well/accordingly
  • Sleep
  • Sleep
  • Sleep
  • Not have diarrhea every time I experience an emotion
  • Stop biting nails
  • Not feel bad about having sex (which I have not done)
  • Wash my hair in a shower
  • Sleep
  • Die
  • Paint my nails
  • Get shot in the arm and make a big scene about it
  • Pass out at school and make a big scene about it
  • Make a big scene

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