September 14, 2011

School is going well, the only thing I’m stressed out about is choir I mean the bug project, I don’t know why I wrote choir. Choir is intimidating, though!

Bleh just not used to dumb rules like no hats and stuff. I’m probably on Mr. G’s bad side because he’s asked me to take mine off twice today. Oh and also [redacted] is really touchy with me lately? Like today I was at my locker and he like grabbed me by the waist really gently and it was really uncomfortable for me. Maybe that’s just the way he is?

I miss Daniel a lot. Our relationship is fucking perfect when he is around but lackluster when he’s gone. I miss him a lot.

I ordered new shoes last night online. They’re light pink and look like ballet slippers. Also, I’m hoping to get my piercing soon, since I’m going to work for my mom for a while.

This is weird but I’m noticing that I’m not talking about anything important. I think that when I get a new journal it takes me a while to open up to it. That sounds silly because you’re not even real but everything in these pages is so private. I feel shy at first for some reason. I’m starting to realize what a bitch I am. Like I used to be a bitch in a good way but I just want to be gentle again.

I’m not sure why but it kind of kills me how Daniel has new friends already. I don’t want to share him with all of these strangers, it’s almost insulting how happy he seems now. That is so unbelievably selfish but I really just can’t help it. He insists that we are still special to him, and that he won’t forget about us or me, but he’s so excited about his cool new friends. Like he has a friend named Rosie and she has blonde hair and apparently she texts him? I just wish I had someone to relate to. I feel very alone in this, and I know I’m technically not but he seems so happy.

So tomorrow I’m going to [redacted]

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