September 8, 2011

Oh my god. Last night I went to the Bon Iver concert. Just so you know that has been my favorite band for over two years [real quick it’s so funny to me that I felt the need to fill my non-sentient journal in on who I was as a person].

So I went to the concert at the Orpheum in Minneapolis. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced! Justin Vernon has the most honest voice. I didn’t expect to cry but I did! He played everything, it was wonderful. It was really intimate and special for everyone, I didn’t feel alone, I felt like a small part of one breathing creature. I hope everyone felt that way. He closed with The Wolves (Act I & II) and said how special the night had been and that he wanted to end it the right way. He asked everyone to scream as loud as possible at the last part of the song and we did, it was so beautiful! Nothing can ever take this night away from me.

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