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Hi, I’m Rosalie. I’m 15 years old right now and hopefully I will turn 16 during this journal. I love things like music and museums and books. I love, love, love reading books. I’m generally a passionate person, and when I’m not, I’m usually passionate about not being passionate.

I hate inconsistency and I’m at a part of my life where I am setting a lot of goals for myself. I’m making a lot of small decisions that will lead to something bigger. I’m pretty all over the place so far. I have a lot of flaws, just like anyone else, but maybe you can learn to love them. I’m not the best at having a healthy social life, or a healthy anything for that matter. I’m really trying my best.

I’m finally starting to realize a lot about myself, whatever that means, and about the process of life, whatever that is. One of those things is that every single thing on earth changes. This used to really scare me but not so much these days. Please enjoy watching me take part in change.

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