August 26, 2011

So many people have birthdays today, it’s kind of ridiculous. Bleh, I’m so bored all the time without Daniel around, I miss his silly ways. I just sit on the computer all day and read, and listen to music and get bug bites, which I’ve been getting an annoying amount of lately.

It’s odd that I chose this journal. I can’t see myself picking it out now. Not that I don’t like it, it’s just so different than my usual taste. I’m sure that my taste has changed since I’ve been on tumblr.

I have so many goals for my future. Long term, and short term. I also have goals for my new journal, now that I’ve gotten the hang of it. I suppose I could write them down.

Goals for 10th grade journal:

  • Always be honest
  • Write like a book when you feel like it [prose]
  • Journal in poetry sometimes
  • Draw!
  • Don’t think about what others would say about it
  • Let everything out
  • Make lists
  • Be consistent
  • Be mindful!

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