August 25, 2011

I’m back in Duluth now. I’ve been having trouble sleeping these past few nights, it’s very frustrating.

It was a good time with Daniel. It makes me sad knowing that I have no idea when the next time I’ll see him is. Did that sentence make sense? I don’t know.

Yesterday as I was leaving Daniel’s house but as we were walking to the car we decided we wanted to go to the art institute. We all went to MIA and it was great. Daniel had never been there, and he loved it. There was an exhibition on ancient China and he saw an original Van Gogh for the first time.

I got a new journal there. I know that’s sad, but though you’ve been so kind to me, it’s almost the beginning of the school year, and you’re nearly full. I’ve decided to switch journals every time a new school year begins. I decided that in 8th grade I guess. It’s really something to feel proud of. My new journal is canvas. I like it.

Anyways, after MIA we went into Uptown and it was amazing! I went to UO and got a new bralette, scarf, hat, socks, and tights! There was this incredible bookstore down the street, I bought some cute pencils with virtues written small on their sides. After, we got thai food. My mouth is watering just thinking of it. It was tough saying goodbye to Daniel. I think the hardest thing right now is accepting that nothing will ever be the same. And that I loved it so much just the way it was.

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