July 12, 2011

Parker’s cabin was fun.

My middle name is Alice. I have a twin sized bed. I’m listening to the Rain Song by Led Zeppelin. I ate soup. It’s nice outside for the nighttime. I talked to my mom on the phone last. I notice hair first. Japanese food is my favorite. I don’t want children. I don’t drink now but I will. Blonde. Green eyes. No glasses. I dislike holidays. I like summer. I cry over girls and boys. I’m reading Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut. Football is dumb. I have a dog named Lily. I like roses and lilacs. I’ve loved a lot. I don’t want to see anyone right now. I’ve shot a gun or two. I like airplanes. Right handed. I don’t miss anyone. No tattoos. Yes I hide things. I’m not 18. I write in my diary before bed. Sometimes I wonder how I will stay strong. One moment gone, only twenty more days.

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