August 3, 2011

Oh my gosh. It has been one hell of a week for the citizens of Duluth. In the past three days, three teenage boys have died. First was a high school junior named Clayton. He was playing on a rope swing on Island Lake and hit his head somehow. He sank to the bottom and drowned. Two days ago a boy named Jeff jumped into the river and was swept away. The water levels were elevated because of the previous night’s storm. His body still hasn’t been found. He was 13 years old. Last night, a boy named Jarred killed himself. And not to mention the younger boy who drowned in Cloquet last week. Something so odd is going on, I just can’t understand such coincidence.

Anyways, it’s really making everyone think. Well, at least me. I realize that death is just so commonplace. Most people are so torn up, saying that it isn’t supposed to happen but in truth death is just as natural and plain as breathing. It happens to every single person we see, meet, spoken with, loved. It will happen to me and to you and one day the earth. It’s just a door, a friend. I know I’m being insensitive.

Me and Daniel are going busking tomorrow. I refuse to count how many days are left. It’s probably four. I can’t bear to check.

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