April 3, 2011

Today seems like a good day for a birthday. I don’t know anyone who has a birthday today, April 3rd just has a nice ring to it. Maybe because it seems like it should be spring. It’s not spring here. I have a feeling that spring will never come for me. Even when it’s summertime, spring will not have come for me.

Daniel makes me upset sometimes because he holds me back and I just want to have fun and be young. But I feel so old.

I don’t think that I’ve ever told you about the frost. That’s what I call it anyways, when I zone out and I’m thinking about something sad or nothing at all. It affects me so much that I have this weird physical reaction. My body feels like it’s slowly frosting over.  It starts in the middle of my body and just keeps growing until it reaches my fingertips.

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