October 30, 2010

Today is the day that Masquerade happened. Today is also the day that I held Daniel’s hand, and it was amazing.

So here’s how it happened… Daniel came over to Celeste’s this morning, and then while Sara was on Facebook, Daniel and I were in Celeste’s sunroom. We were just laying on the couch and watching TV and I had my arm kinda up cuz I was, you know, relaxing and he put his palm facing mine cuz he was gonna see how little it was. Then I just locked my fingers in his and we held hands for a while. It was so nice 🙂

Then when he came over, we just hung out in my room and we held hands and talked and he wrapped his arms around me a few times, too. It was so nice!! The only letdown today was the dance. I felt really ugly and icky and Daniel left early and some random guy came up to me and touched my ass. It was so horrible.

It’s going to be a mess when Daniel gives his grades to his parents. They’ll take away his phone etc. Grr it’s going to SUCK!

Today was a good day, though 🙂

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