October 11, 2010

Well, I sang the anthem in front of the entire school, and I fucked up. It was so embarrassing. I left school, I just like, left. And when I got home, Carlie had a status that said “do us all a favor and never sing again”, directed at me, obviously. And she made fun of [redacted] for getting sexually assaulted. She has no fucking heart. She really doesn’t. She disgusts me so much that no matter how much energy I pour onto this page I could not express my pure hatred for her.

At this moment I am at Daniel’s house with Hannah. Which isn’t a good thing for me because of certain scary reasons such as how he is playing an instrument and you know how I get.

I had a nightmare. A woman’s husband died, and she put his corpse on her dining room table and slowly ate him over a long period of time while he rotted on that table. She would talk to him while she ripped off pieces of his body and ate them, It was so awful because she wasn’t sad at all. She talked to him like he was alive.

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