June 24, 2010

Last night was really amazing. God told me I could lift people up with my words. Maybe I could save myself?

Tonight was so scary. It was like all my sadness tried to come out and ripped out my heart with it. I left and walked for a while and I saw Pastor Randy and I caught up to him and said, “Have you ever noticed me?” and he said “what?” and I said “have you noticed me?” He read me like a book. He said it was a really important question and that it meant more than just the obvious. He said that he had noticed me and that he understood I was going through some stuff. It was cool.

I was really upset so Dee said he would buy me a Slim Jim. I said ok. Turns out, there weren’t any left so he bought me a huge pile of little ones! I don’t know why it meant so much to me but it just meant a lot that he went the extra mile to make me happy.

We said we want to get married. I really truly do.

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