June 22, 2010


Uhm, why am I awake again?!?! Oh my gosh I’m tired beyond belief… I’m not really sure what God wants for me this week. I’m not really fired up yet. I mean last year at Y.A. I was so excited. I guess it’s just been a long year. I don’t really get excited about anything anymore. If this will help me learn and grow and be inspired I guess I’ll just have to be strong for myself and those around me. It might get even worse. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll come to peace with it. This is nothing like I expected.

At evening service nothing really happened. Although Dee had a good one I think. He hugged me and we were both bawling our eyes out. It was nice. He told me we are together for a reason and I agreed. I love him so much. Right now, I really think we’re gonna get married.

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