June 11, 2010

I decided that I would abandon my feelings for Parker. I’m just (I was) setting myself up for disaster. Parker and I are getting to be better friends, I think. I like it that way. It’s gonna be so fun, Garrett, Parker and I are gonna sneak out. It’s gonna be great! Oh and Celeste and I are getting really close. It’s nice.

Isn’t it weird that I’ve been craving risk? This summer’s gonna be even more fun than the rest. Weed? Well maybe…

Although deep down I have this sickening feeling that I’m losing a part of myself. I’ve just felt so lost lately, spilling my heart over these pages. I’m leaning my trust on Youth Alive (camp), because I’m hoping that maybe will give me some room and inspiration to rebuild myself.

Call me crazy, but I think I’m going crazy. I guess I ought to go to sleep now.

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