April 22, 2010

Wow, all the catching up was 100% exhausting. I just finished my last MCA test! I have the science one left, but that should be fun and I’m not worried at all. Dee picked us up from the airport, oh my gosh, it was so nice to be in his arms again. We stayed for 1 night, but I stayed in Clara’s hotel with David, too! It was funny how we were all in the cities at once 🙂 Some guy made us omelettes! Then later we went to the children’s museum and Como Zoo. Then we headed to Duluth, but I was sure to bring him with! I slept all the way home, and then we picked up Lily. Dee and I tried to watch Moulin Rouge that night, but I couldn’t stay awake. The next morning, we walked to the lake, and I showed him my secret beach. It was very romantic. The later that day, I showed him Hawk Ridge, The Deeps, and Train Bridge. Then we went to Clara’s and ate a bunch, and went to Kate and Claire’s bonfire, which was a lot of fun! He actually talked to people! We played with sparklers and ate s’mores. And then there was a reeeeally catholic conversation and Dee and I were just like you are all stupid and we went home. It was so much fun! When we got home, we watched A Knight’s Tale but fell asleep trying. It was so sweet, we slept together! It was so perfect, we both slept amazing. I accidentally woke up at 5, but that was good because then my mom didn’t find us. It’s stupid, it’s not like anything happened, but she wouldn’t believe that. In the morning we went to church. Jess and Noble went too! It was so fun! Noble got antsy so we took him to play downstairs. Dee is good with kids! Which is so attractive. And then we went to ZEN HOUSE!!! I showed him my favorite foods, and he’s good with chopsticks! Oh my gosh! It was impressive. I wanted to tackle him right in that corner booth at Zen House and kiss his chopstick gifted hands. Ah! We went home and he tried to dance with me, it was cute AND pathetic. Hah! He even dipped me and kissed me while doing it. I need to stop forcing him to watch musicals with me before he gets TOO perfect!

Then we brought him to Hinkley. I was lost in his eyes the whole way there. That’s super cheesy but I’m not even kidding. I cried when he left.

I think of those perfect eyes when I’m sad or scared or lonely.

We had to evacuate school again today and it SUCKED! We had to walk all the way to UMD and wait there. Not gonna lie, I’m getting really annoyed with the jackass who honestly finds all of this funny. They need an ass kicking.

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