March 19, 2010

Clara is over, but she is on the computer.

I’ve had a really rough couple weeks… But today was by far the worst.

I got made fun of like thirty times, I was told everyone hates me. And that I’m “the most annoying person anyone’s ever met”.

Then to top it all off, someone, well, a LOT of people, called me and verbally harassed me. It was really great. NOT.

Oh, and it snowed. I’m just glad I have Clara, and Dee. He’s always there for me. I love him. I wish I could write poems for him. He makes me feel like a poet.

Oh plus I keep getting sexually harassed by horny little losers. Cool. Not only am I “fake,” and “ugly,” and “worthless,” but I’m a fucking piece of meat.


God, please send me an angel at Woodland, I need you.

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