February 17, 2010

Oh my! I cleaned and rearranged my bedroom. It’s lovely! Oh! And Dee will be arriving the day after tomorrow. Throughout winter break, I’ve been spending time with Clara, Sara, and Emily. Wanna know a secret? I’m really glad I put my bed on the floor, because now I can make out with Dee on it… heehee! I’m so excited for him to come see me! Plus, this week is Valentine’s Day, and Dee is my valentine! Duh. 2 more days! I’m prolly gonna go see Holly tomorrow. Woohoo! I guess I don’t know Holly well.

I got some new music, a band called Blind Pilot, on my iPod. I also put some Regina Spektor on there. And even… Justin Bieber. That’s right, that freak might be growing on me.

I drew a picture.

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