November 11, 2009

I have to say, I’m worried about my grades. I just never ever do my homework in math and I can’t pay attention no matter what. I hate it. I’m so bad at everything academic. Whatever. I don’t need it.

The sunrise is amazing today. It’s pink and purple and peach and orange, it’s so gorgeous. Speaking of gorgeous, Dee sent me a picture last night. He has THE most amazing skin ever. I can’t even comprehend how lucky I am. I’m such a wreck.

I hate math class and I hate Caleb. Everybody says that I treat him like shit but the thing is that I don’t try to. Except lately cuz I’m mad at him for a bunch of reasons.

  1. He is ridiculously full of himself.
  2. He thinks I give him dirty looks just because I don’t pee my pants everytime I see him.
  3. He likes all those prissy girls because “they’re always glad to see” him. Well excuse me, Caleb
  4. He thinks that all my actions are about him. They’re NOT.

I’m so sick of everything. I wanna move to Connecticut with Hank 😦

When you multiply or divide a number, you MUST flip the symbol (< , >)

I miss Hank. He was so simple. I miss having friends that don’t act like bitchy girls. I miss how things used to be. And I’m so tired of people looking at the surface and not what’s inside.

I miss having a girl I can talk to. I really would like to be closer with Holly. We were such good friends when we were little and I really need a best friend. But the thing is those words scare me because my heart is still broken from Haley… not that anyone knows that. I can’t lie to myself… I really do miss her, and I hate it. I wish it would just go away. I don’t want her memory anymore. I’m so sick of the way things are and I don’t know how to change them.

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