November 10, 2009 (new journal)

I bought this at the Minneapolis Institute of Art ten minutes ago. I filled up my old one and lost my new one so I got a newest one and I like it quite well.

I saw an original Van Gogh today. It was amazing! I’m very inspired. It’s even more amazing now that I’ve had time to digest it. Every little glob of paint was his. It could have been from the same tube of oil paint that he to used to attempt suicide with.

I would have been able to see Dee at the sculpture garden, but I didn’t have much time there and we didn’t make contact until I left. But that’s ok, I’ll be with him sometime soon I hope. I miss him a lot. I love him a lot, too. Just so you know. He’s seriously the best thing that’s happened to me, maybe ever. It’s so nice when the whole world can fit in your arms. I feel so safe, even just thinking about him. Love is the greatest feeling in the world. I’m such a sappy hopeless romantic.

Anyways. We also went to the Walker museum of art. It was very nice. There were a lot of mirrors and minimal art. And the walls and benches and everything that wasn’t the art was flawless bleached while. It was very chic.

I’m sorry, I don’t think I can focus anymore. He’s been super sensitive lately. Like, I called him dumb just as a joke and it seems like I really did hurt his feelings. I sent him a picture today.

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