August 16, 2008

Today I woke up at 6:40 to go to Valley Fair with Dee. First we went to a shooting range for like 5 hours which wasn’t that bad, actually. And after that, we went to drive to Valley fair. We wanted to save money so we waited an hour to get the discount. Matt was being a buttface and didn’t want to go on any rides, so Elisa took him to “start small”. Okay. Whatever. So me and Dee go to Steel Venom and he held out his hand and I grabbed it. Right after I stepped off, I knew something was wrong. I hadn’t eaten at all that day (couldn’t stomach a thing), and I hadn’t drank enough water. AND I hadn’t slept enough AND I was going on rides. Not a good combination. So I get sick for the first time at Valley Fair when I’m with DEE. Peachy.

After a while of drinking what seemed like 7 tons of water I felt better. We finally caught up with Matt and Elisa on the Excalibur and stood with them right after going on the best round of Wild Thing of. My. life. So I’m just standing there, my gross self, and Dee just comes right out and says, “since we love eachother, should we be boyfriend and girlfriend?” I was still sick and would’ve hugged him or said something cute but instead, I smiled and nodded. Yeah. I nodded. FUCKING NODDED! Oh well. He’s my boyfriend now, and I’m his girlfriend. Nothing better after all I have been through with this kid. I’m in love with life again! My last fortune cookie said, “The next full moon will be an enchanting evening”. It sure was.

Best night of my summer. I will keep it with me forever! ❤

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