August 14, 2008

Oh my goodness. Today, Nikki, Katie, Dee and I went to The Dark Night. I was so nervous. He put his hand upside down on the drink holder and the went to the bathroom. And Katie leaned over and said “OMG Dee wants to hold your hand so bad!” I said, “how do you know”? She told me about his hand on the arm of the seat and he came back. I opened my hand right by the arm rest. Holy crap it took him fifteen fricken minutes just to notice but he grabbed my hand and held it for like, an hour! It. Was. Amazing. Yeah. Then after seeing my new favorite movie, Dee came back over to Nicole’s house. Her little brothers were literally jumping onto him from high up places! It was hilarious. We just sort of hung out. It was so much fun! Then, when Sam came to pick him up, he was backing out of Nicole’s driveway, and his car slid off of it and almost tipped the car!!

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