June 19, 2008 – Thursday

Well, today is our second to last day. Well full day. I guess it’s service day, so we’re doing service projects and stuff. I’m hoping that I have a painting job or something, but really I’d rather be chillin in the dorms or something. That sounds mean but whatever. It’s the full on truth. I’m really excited for later today. It’s water day and they made 5,000 water balloons! Ahh! I wonder if that’s even enough. I’m so excited! And at 3:30 today (during free time) we have talent show rehearsal! Yeah, I’m nervous excited about it. I think it’s awesome to have a teenager bible camp. It’s basically a sanctuary. I can’t think of anywhere else where I feel so safe and secure besides in my home or with my mom. I love it here! I’m coming back next year even if I have to set up my own spaghetti dinner or fund raiser. I’m extremely moved by this place. I really, truly love it here. No matter where I am, whether it’s in the dorms, park, pond, cafeteria, canteen, or even in the middle of the street, I can always feel the presence of God. It’s awesome.

OMGOSH. Water day was SOOOO fun! The first thing we did was build boats out of cardboard and duct tape them and then relay across the pondy lake thing. It was ok… a little tiring and stuff. But after that we all went to the field and threw water balloons, and basically nailed each other with water bombs constantly. It was fun! Except for when the sling shot thing shot a huge water balloon at me and it hit my leg! Lol. It left a HUGE welt, but eh. I’ll live! They also set up this huge huge HUGE slip and slide and covered it with dish soap and it went downhill, so you can imagine how fast I went after slathering myself with soap! It was so much funnnn! THEN, after that, Me, Mariah, Bailey, and Ashley went to the pond. Casey, Jerrick, and D were there. But yeah we were all swimming. Some people have some major abs…………….. Its hot. Trust me. I really doubt he likes me though. I mean, who would? Nobody that hot anyway. All the boys who like me are just bored little kids who are in the mood to spice up their boring lives.

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