June 17, 2008 – Tuesday

Well, it’s the second day of camp, but the first full day. We have had super powerful sermons so far, and I’ve really enjoyed them. Yeah. So there’s this kid who’s basically obsessed with me here and he keeps telling people that I complete him… eh.. Kinda creepy. Oh well, I’m not going to be mean to him because of how crushing it would be! That would be heartbreaking. And really, who ISN’T obsessed with me? Uh… everyone. But yeah, I’m really liking it here. I’m in the dorm alone and it’s actually really nice except for the senior girls stomping around all the time.

Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch!! My nose hurts SO bad. I got nailed square on the face with a soccer ball. My face was gushing out blood all over everything. It was so gross, and it was in front of this really super hot guy, D. I had to sit out of the game. It was ok then, but that’s because I couldn’t feel my whole entire face. Now my face feels like its been punched by 27 really buff bodybuilders.

Anyways, I’m in service now. We’re talking about keeping dreams more important than memories. “If your memories are bigger than your dreams, you’ve already begun to die”. That’s some powerful stuff right there. Doctors are stupid. They don’t pay attention to what god says. “You can’t have a child,” the doctor said, but the faith prophet said, “you will bear a child, and he will be a preacher”. And that’s Pastor Randy! “God is better to me than I deserve”. God gave Solomon whatever he wanted, because he offered 1,000 burning sacrifices. Sweetness! God does nothing on Earth except in answer to prayer, but sometimes he starts the prayers. I really like this!

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