May 27, 2008

Whoa. It’s been a while.

Yeah, so lots has happened. Aaron danced with me at Portman which was… eh, ok I guess considering I really like Alex! We’ve been hanging out a lot after school. Yeah so he had this gf named Isabella who I thought was my friend. I was wrong! And they broke up for some reason and then he asked me out right? Well this Isabelle girl goes absolutely nuts! She passionately hates me for some unknown reason. She called me ugly and said she wanted to fight. Yeah. Wow.

School is almost over. I was so excited to start but now I’m ready for a break. I love summer. Oh yeah, today we went to JA Biztown! Each kid has their own job and like, it was really exciting. I have pix on the digi. OMG I’m foster homing two baby chicks!! They are so cute. We’re picking them up sometime this week, so that’s exciting.

Rosie out.

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