December 6, 2007

Oh. My. Gosh. My teacher took away my diary and wouldn’t give it back. Finally, my mom wrote her a letter telling her to give my diary back!! Ugh, Mr. T is such ass. He wouldn’t let me call my mom and I need my water bottle and have to find out if I have rehearsal tonight. I HATE this hell hole! Love the school, hate a lot of the people.

I’m so happy I have this diary. I’m the kind of person that needs to vent their feelings somehow. This is my way and it calms me down. Yay! I love my diary. It’s an emotion vent. Lol. Oh. My. Gosh. There is this guy in Goldylocks and he is sooooo funny! His name is Henry and he’s my buddy. Him, Claire, and Joey are my ‘siblings’. Me and Henry have a bunch of handshakes/high-fives. I will now list them:

-The turkey

– Squid

– Hand hug

– Squirky

– Fishy

– Walleye

– Party boy… lol

– Salmon

– Too cool

All my friends think he’s really hot (I don’t blame them) but we’re just friends. They saw him and Joey on my phone wallpaper, Claire would have been on there too but she wasn’t at rehearsal that night. He’s so much fun to hang out with. Me and Claire are gonna talk him into going shopping with us. He says it would be weird because he has a GF, but I don’t think it would be because us three are just friends. He disappoints me.

I don’t know if we have rehearsal tonight. I hope we do. Claire will be there and I can take a pic of all of us for a new wallpaper. It would be weird if I had just Henry as my wallpaper.

I am so glad I accepted this part! I’ve had a blast so far. I’ve seen old friends (Claire, Rachel, Abby) and new friends (Joey, Henry Charlotte, Zoe). I’m as happy as… a Rosie in a play!

[change in handwriting]

Rosie –

My girl time was over and it came back and went threw my frickin pants and I am really pissed off.

That was Bre. She had to tell me something personal. Ok. After lunch now, and I’m in English and we have a sub. Oh my gosh, Aaron is so mean! I had to go to the WR, and he said to the sub “she always acts like it’s an emergency.” So I said, “that’s because it is” and then he said “liar”! I don’t get why he has to be such an ass to everyone. He’s gotta be satan or something. Maybe he’s possessed. That would explain a lot, like why he made me break out in hives. I don’t like Ned. He likes Marie and Casey just because they’re skinny. It’s not my fault I don’t starve myself. Every single boy in the 6th grade likes Marie and Casey because they don’t have a single ounce of fat on their bodies and never will. Ugh, shallow! I hate them for that. It bothers me so much because I thought he was different. I thought he wasn’t mean or shallow. I thought he was sweet and funny… I was clearly wrong.

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