December 14, 2007

Well, I haven’t written for a while, and so much has happened. I will start with my “Henry situation”. Okay. Henry sent me a text. Here’s our convo:

H: Guess what?

R: What?

H: Guess.

R: Umm…. you got a dog?

H: No. Even though I have a girlfriend, I’m allowed to say you’re hot.

It was sooo awkward! Because at first I didn’t know what he meant. I thought he meant that he was attracted to me or something. That would be awkward because he has a gf, and he is like, my bff. Later it dawned on me that he meant it as a compliment, nothing more. What a relief! Not that Henry isn’t hot and all, I mean let’s face it, he’s beautiful, I just love him so much that I only want to be friends. It is so hard to explain.

Oh wow, I totally fell asleep while I was writing! lol  

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