November 9, 2007

Happy Friday! I’m so happy. Only 6 more hours of this jail. I really love this school, but the people here are vicious. I will soon make a prison break 🙂

English precautions. Must be careful. I like where I sit. I sit behind Ned, so when I’m in English, I can pretend to work up the courage to talk to him.


Aaron is such a jerk. He was talking to me, and he was being all mean and I took it as a joke until he said “REJECTED!!!” That tears it. I won’t take Aaron’s bullshit anymore. I’m so glad I have this diary, or else I would explode. I need to vent my emotions. I’m a sad person, and sometimes I’m extremely cheerful. I’m not bipolar, I’m just a drama queen. You know what? I should write a note to Aaron that says, “cut the shit, asshole!” Not like I’m going to, but I’m gonna pretend now.

I’m so bored. Stupid second math. It is extremely boring.

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