November 8, 2007

My stupid math teacher is such a BITCH! I was late because I lost my diary, then I came in, grabbed a chair and had to lift it over a desk and accidentally whacked my partner on the head. Then my teacher was all like, “ROSALIE! You don’t have to come in like a tornado!” Yeah! And Ned just HAD to be there today. I’m always so clumsy when he’s here. BLEH BLEH BLEH he won’t want to go out with a clumsy geek! The thought is very depressing. I might as well just give up and spend the rest of my life alone. I will live in a little shed in the woods and have a chipmunk as my best friend. So happy I shall be alone in the woods… all alone. Oh well. I guess you can’t always get what you want. I’ll move tomorrow.

Just got back from lunch! Now I’m in English so I have to be extra careful. Mrs. E like hates me or something just because I write a lot in class… oops… we’re taking a test and I messed up so I used Shae’s eraser and when I tossed it back I accidentally hit Ned in the head. This wave bottle is really cool. I wonder what causes oil to separate from water like that.

I wonder what it is that Ned doesn’t like about me. Whatever it is, I’d try to change it. I guess I’m kind of quiet in class. Maybe he just doesn’t like me and there is nothing to do to change it. Or maybe he thinks I’m ugly. I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case. No one has ever really called me pretty before except for my mom, which doesn’t count. I’ve never slow danced and never been on a date. I might as well just die!! Ned doesn’t like me, Bryce didn’t either. The only one that does is stinkin —!! I’m attractive to creepy stalkers but not to funny guys like Ned and Bryce. I should really just completely give up on boys.

Now we get to have second math. What a bore. Like we’ll ever need to find the mean of groceries!!

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