November 5, 2007

GRR! The past week has been filled with fun and CRAP! ROWR! I just had to open my fat face and ask Ned if he wanted to go to the dance with me and he said no. I didn’t dance with anyone, and now Ned knows that I like him! Urrrghhhh it sucks more than an octopus! Um… I’m not quite sure why I said that, but an octopus does suck… Anyways, now everybody’s all like “Ummmm… did you like ask Ned to the dance?” and they know the answer! They just want me to relive the constant pain that will remain inside the pieces of my shattered soul for all eternity!!!! Makes me so sad. I’m not sure why, but I hate Ned, and I’m totally head-over-heals for him too! It is so CONFUSING!

I couldn’t find my bunny, so I went out and bought another one. I got him right before the… DANCE! UGH! I had almost forgotten about my shattered soul. *pounds head against desk until bleeding*

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