November 7, 2007

It’s 8:11 and I’m still at home because today is late arrival! Ok fun is over. Now we’re back at school, and I get to have my wonderful math class *gags* I did my homework but lost my binder so I did my homework on a piece of notebook paper. That’s fine though. At least I did it.

Outlier: one or more values that lie ‘outside’ distribution of data

Sorry. I might have to do that because I forgot where my notebook is… oops…

OMG! I’m so sad because Ned is absent. My math teacher is so EVIL! She is REALLY loud, and she puts all her crap on my desk leaving me absolutely NO working space, and she doesn’t even care!!!

I just finished my science test. I’m sooo sad right now. Ned is all I can think about. I wonder what I can do to make him like me *laughs evil laugh*. Actually, it’s not that evil. It’s just a good strategy. I will ask for Madi’s help. She’s girly, she will know what to do. *points to brain*

I’m in English class so I have to be extra careful.

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