October 16, 2007

Oh my fricken gosh! I’m such a [sic] retard! Guess what I did? Buckle up, cuz it’s a wild ride… First of all, I was really fricken pissed about the whole bomb threat crap, and in gym class, Geran and Levi were being fat jerks like always, they were calling me a stupid retard all period and I kinda lost control… I said “will someone please shoot them?” Then I popped a hand over my mouth and started bawling. Way to keep my cool… BLEH. *rips out hair in exasperation*

Yeah! I wasn’t expelled! It seems to soften them when I’m crying. I wasn’t even faking! I was truly upset. Geez… I’m really confused. Why does Brent not like me? Stupid Nathaniel had to go and tell him and ruined everything! There was a reason I didn’t tell him myself. I just wanted to be friends. Now I can’t even make eye contact with him without nausea. Marney didn’t help much either.

Marney: Hey, Rosie.

Rosie: Hi Marney!

Marney: So… I heard a rumor.

Rosie: *has a stupid look on face*

Marney: I heard a rumor that you have a crush on my boy


Rosie: *smiles a big twisted up smile*

Marney to this lady: Look how red she is!

Rosie: *starts walking swiftly out of the lunch room*


This is so crappy. I didn’t think anything like this would happen at Ordean… Oh well. I will get my time no matter what it takes. Besides, all is fair in love and war! lol! :p

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