no date, 2007

Today was the second day of family camp. I rode with Riley and his parents because the Larreas said that they couldn’t take care of one more child, and they said I couldn’t go with them. So then my mom called Darcey, and Darcey said she would bring me! Yay! Rock on Darcey. I stayed over at their house that night. It was cool. I slept in Riley’s room and we watched Grease. He has a corn snake named Mushu, and a really cute fat hamster named Princess Puddles, and is starting this huge saltwater tank! How cool is that? And he has the cutest dog named Buddy. The next day we left for camp. It took us about six and a half hours to get there but that’s ok because we had a lot of fun. We brought the laptop, because it had a version of satellite internet. It was about a 6 hour car ride, so it was kinda… car-ish. But it was really fun with Riley. Then we got there and saw the family. Since the week was long, I’m only gonna list the highlights. I really enjoyed morning chapel… which is weird. Evening chapel was cool too! On the way, Riley bet his mom $100 that he could go every single day. So I woke him up every day and reminded him every night, but it was sorta fun though :p

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