July 11, 2007

Today I went to Inga’s camper, trailer… thingy. We had so much fun! When we got there, it was raining, but when it stopped, we saw Inga’s chipmunk Jessie! So, we went outside to feed her. We held out our hands, and she came up and ate out of them! She even let us pet her! 15 minutes after, 2 other chipmunks came! They were really mean to Jessie, and one bit me, so we named him Chomp. The other Nibble. They stuck around for about an hour then got bored and went away. Then I found Clara!! She’s another baby, like Jessie, and she seemed to like me. I love Clara! She doesn’t get along with Jessie, but they’re just soooo cute! Then there was this giant storm. We even lost a tree. It only lasted a little while though. After we went out and played with chipmunks. Duh. The next day I didn’t stay very long. It was gross outside, so we left early. It was fun.

Rosalie out.

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