June 19, 2007

Today has been a long day. This morning, I woke up last, and was very slow… then I took a shower and felt all better… then we went to breakfast, and right after that we had morning rally! That’s always fun. Then, we had bible adventure. We accidentally went to the same classroom as yesterday, so we got the same lesson. Oh well… we still had fun! Then we went swimming. Then we ate, then we went paddle boating! It was so much fun. Then we went rock climbing. I was first to get all the way up the wall. Then, we went swimming again. Only this time I got swimmer’s itch 😦 then we had JBQ, then we finished our race car that we made. It’s called the Flaming Angel! Finally, we had the water fight! I was rolling in a water barrel, and having fun until this counselor came up to it, glared at me, kicked it, shook it, then tipped it and dumped me out like yesterday’s trash! That was a load of crap! From then on, I felt like I was gonna puke, so when the others went to chapel, I stayed in the dorm. Then Jesus told me to go anyway. So I walked alone, with a tear-stained face, and cramps… when I got there, they were just announcing “big dan” (he’s kind of a [sic] midget). He brought out Russel the Rabbit first. Then he got Benny out, and he told us about respect. Then he started to tell us about Sampson. He wanted two people, a boy for Sampson, and a girl for Delilah. He walked around and chose a few people and I was one of those people! When he went back to the front, he gestured for me! He told me I would be Delilah, and then he picked a Sampson (who was shorter than me). Apparently I was really good because four boys said “He likes you! He likes you!” pointing to their friends. Then I had one boy ask me out… weird… anyways, that night I was speaking a heavenly language I had never spoken before… It was awesome.

Rosie out.

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