june 18, 2007

*yawn* Another great day! I’m a party pooper tonight. All the girls are throwing a party, but I’m staying in my dorm room and relaxing. I know I’ll feel so much better tomorrow! Plus, then I’ll be the first to shower 🙂 Anyway, back to my day… LOL! I was first to wake up and therefore first to shower! After everyone was up and about, we had our morning meeting. That’s where we talk about the day before, and talk about our schedule. Then we ate breakfast. I had french toast, link sausage, and some cereal! It was really good! Then we went to our morning rally. Our speaker was “Big Dan” again. He rocks the chapel. I memorized the bible verse, so I got to do the “morning challenge”. The challenge was to make a basket in the basketball hoop! I missed by a millimeter! I still got a 1.00 certificate to Molly’s store though. After that, we had Morning Bible Adventure. That was so much fun, we got to race and win prizes. They were remote controlled race cars! I didn’t win anything, but I’m perfectly fine with that. Then we went back to our cabins to change into our swimsuits and see who had the coin under our pillows. Emily had it. She so didn’t deserve it! They didn’t know it was Emily’s stuff, but it was sprawled out all over the doorway! That was so not cool. I went swimming after that. It was sooo fun. I love the waterfront! There are so many great activities. Then after swimming we had JBQ (Junior Bible Quiz). I got the most points for my team! Then, we did a HUGE game of hide and seek. The whole staff hid while all the campers tried to find as many counselors for their team as they could for their team. I was on team blue, and team green won. Oh well! Then we had recreation. We chose to play chicken launch! It’s where you put a rubber chicken in a giant slingshot and whalah! Launch a chicken. We also did nail painting. Scratch that! We did hide-and-seek after recreation, then we ate supper, then we went to evening chapel, then we went to bed! Amen good night!
Rosalie Out.  

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