june 18, 2007

Holy crapolah! Temper tantrum! I was so tired yesterday and being a big brat! Oh well. Right now we’re on our way to camp. I’m so excited to see our cabin. I got a magazine on the way, so I’m going to put all the posters up in my cabin. Awesome! Ugh, this is a very long car ride.We stopped at DQ, and I got a chocolate vanilla twist cone.

Finally! We’re here! It’s late and I’m tired. It was a long day. Let me tell you what happened. When we got our assigned cabins, ours was room 30. Well, we walked in, and there’s all this luggage and stuff all over. This wasn’t our room! Well, Theresa went and talked to the staff about it… it was a typo. Our real room was three. So we went back downstairs with all our stuff, and when we reached room three theres a bunch of girls in there! We had to wait all afternoon and finally found out that their cabin was five, so they moved out and we moved in. Otherwise, I had a totally fantastic day. Even the camp food tastes wonderful! We had waterfront time, and orientation, and fun! I’m so glad I came. I ❤ u Lake Geneva.

Rosalie Out

Goodnight zzzz

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