june 16, 2007

Today I’m writing before bedtime. I’m on my way to Boulder Lake with Inga. That’s where her camper and boat are. I’m a happy camper! Wet hair! We just went for a nice swim! Now we’re back in her camper, in the bedroom listening to Mix 108. Awesome! She has a radio in her camper. We made a new friend. Her name was Jenny. She was nice. Then we came back to the camper and got our groove on! There are some really good dance songs on Mix 108. Now we’re just chillin and dancin like heck!

Now we’re on our way back home. Me and Inga are gonna try and turn it into a sleep over. I will write more at bedtime. BUNNY HUNT!

*yawn* 11:30 at night. I haven’t much to say except my dad and Jody got 6 boxes of frozen treats. Yum. After that, we came home and watched Crocodile Dundee. It was an amazing story. I’m so tired, I think that’s all I have to say.

Rosalie out.

Good night zzzz

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