june 13, 2007

Today was registration at Parks and Recreation, or Portman. Nothing exciting there. I was just chillin the whole time. That’s what summer is for though! I’ve not met anyone cute yet, but I prooolly never will because I’ve got my mind set on someone special :p If you don’t know who then you prolly don’t know me very well. Anyway, I made a new friend, Naomi, but she ate some Oreos that went bad and then she vomited :(. Poor Naomi! She went home early. Get well soon!

After I got home from Portman, I played with Inga. I love Inga. She’s a wonderful friend! I was invited to stay over but I didn’t. That’s ok. We watched Mr. Mom. Great movie! I recommend it! Man! I really wish that I could find bunny. I can’t get him off my mind and I wish he was here! I’m really scared! He’s my favorite stuffed animal! What if I lost him? I’d be so sad! Please come home Bunny!

Rosalie Out.

Good night zzzz

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